Fathers and Dads

19 06 2012

It is the 18th of June, and I just celebrated my very first fathers day, as a father.  Unfortunately our boys are in Nebraska right now with their Nana and Grampy.  They are having a blast I’m sure, but I do miss them.  This fathers day has brought some things into perspective though.  Let me explain.

The new Branch of the Barton Family

I always thought I would be the most amazing father.  I have so much love to give and can’t wait to share it with my children.  Looking back now on the time that I’ve had with Gabe and Finn, I feel that I haven’t been the father that I want to be.  I’ve been good about discipline and teaching them right and wrong, but I don’t think that I’ve been cherishing them like I should.  I’ve been thinking about what a “Dad” is opposed to what a “Father” is.  A Father is someone that has given life to a child.  You have fathered a child and have given them life, but a “Dad” is different.  A Dad is someone who has taught their kids right from wrong.  Someone who has shown their kids that they will love them no matter what they do.  No matter how many times they’ve screwed up or upset me, I will love them and they know that will never change.  A dad is the man in your life that you learn everything from.  How to throw a baseball, how to act at the dinner table, the man who teaches you how to play board games and card games.  The man that’s going to talk to you when your upset, and get advice from.

These are all things that my dad has taught me.  He’s always been a friend to me, but I know not to cross him.  I have a healthy fear of my father just as we should our heavenly father.  You know if you screw up your dad’s going to set you straight, but afterwards, he’s going to make sure you’re ok.  My father is now my best friend and my confidant.  I know I can go to him with ANYTHING.  He has taught me everything he knows, shown me how to play sports, cards, games, how to be a good worker, how to fix things around the house, and the 3 most important things he’s taught me…what it looks like to love GOD, how to love my wife, and how to be an amazing father.  Can you ask for anything more in a father?

So as this fathers day has come and gone, it’s now made me realize what being a father really means, with the 2 most amazing examples…God, and my Father/Dad/Friend, Rusty Barton.  I love you pops and I can now start to build my legacy as you have made yours live on through me and Josh.