Who is Chris Barton? Let me shed some light on it.

My name is Chris Barton, I live in Buckeye, Arizona and have for almost my entire life.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ and try to live my life as He would have me do.  I am involved in an amazing church called Mountain Vista Christian church.  I have a passion for people and meeting the needs of those around me.  I do not have a path carved out for me yet as I am still finding my route through life.  I love working with my hands and wood.  I have a very creative side of me that I would love to utilize as soon as I figure that out.  I am married and I love my wife and kids.  Rachel and I are newly weds as of January 3rd 2012 and I’m so happy where I am at right now.  I’ve had my share of trials, and it has made me who I am.  I’m a loving man, friend to everyone, helping neighbor, loving husband, father who makes time for his kids, and I love to love people.  Meet me and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


3 responses

23 02 2012
Kevin "Balls Deep" Reese

I know Chris Barton, and although you may share the same name. You sir, are no Chris Barton.

20 03 2012
Chris Barton

Well Kevin, “balls deep” Reese, I am…Sir…Chris Barton, and I am a good one at that. I’m sorry if I don’t meet the requirements Kevin “balls deep” Reese requires of a Chris Barton.

3 02 2013
anji used to be barton gutierrez

i just wonder if your the chris barton ive been looking for missin a brother by that name if your you please find me on face book

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