19 03 2012

I’ve noticed that my priorities have changed drastically in the last year.  I’ve met my bride, Rachel Barton, and my whole world has changed…for the better.

Rachel and I were driving home from my parents house the other day and I noticed that I hadn’t recieved a phone call for 3 days.  It made me sad.  Nobody wanted to know what’s going on, or even wanted to hang out or chat.  It was a rude awakening.  Does anybody want to hang out with me or keep up with what’s going on with me anymore?  I used to get phone calls all the time.  I got 5 phone calls a night wondering what’s going on and if I was hanging out that night.  WHAT HAPPENED?

As Rachel and I talked, she was asking me what changed that I didn’t get phone calls.  The conclusion we came to was priorities.  My priorities have changed.

My weeks consist of this.  Go to work, work on the house, spend time with the kids, and spend time with Rachel.  Once a week we go to church and that’s about it.  Sounds depressing at first glance.

I’m a social person.  I need to interact with people.  It’s in my blood.  So why haven’t I noticed that my social interaction is at a minimum right now?  I realized something.  I’m completely happy with my life as it is.  Yes, I would like to see my friends a little bit more.  I’d like to grab a beer with some of my old buddies.  I’d like to catch up with some of my friends from my previous jobs.  The reality is, my priorities have changed.  I’ve got a career to focus on.  It’s on the other side of the valley for me, so when I go to work, it’s not like I can just go have a beer afterwards, because I have an hour drive home.  I can’t just go drive to their house and hang out, it’ll be a $20 gas bill to hang out.  Also, I have a family now.  I have kids that I WANT to spend time with.  I don’t just want to drop them off at grandma and grandpa’s house so I can go hang out with a buddy.  I want to play games with them, watch movies with them and wrestle with them.  I want to be a great dad.  I’ve lost a few years on that so I value every time that I get with them.  Most importantly, I’ve got a beautiful wife that I’m enamored with.  Rachel really is an amazing woman.  Every day is something new, and honestly, I find something I like more and more about her every week.  I’m with a woman that will put up with me, love me, admire and respect me.  I know that she can’t be my everything all the time, but so far, she’s done an amazing job of it.  I do miss my friends, but not enough to really make a plan to go hang out, or sacrifice time with my family to spend with friends.

ImageIt’s really weird how priorities change.  I used to be all about going out and grabbing some drinks with friends and partying, and now, it’s about my family, my house, and my dog…sometimes about my dog, he’s kind of a pain in the butt though.  I’m sure alot of my friends see it as abandonment.  I’ve abandoned my life that I used to have.  To some point that’s true, because that’s not what I wanted.  I wanted a family, I just didn’t have it then, and now I do and I’m loving it.  So if you’re one of those that thinks that I’ve abandoned you, just realize, I’ve got different priorities that have taken up a substantial part of my life.  I personally would love to fit in my family, work, and all my friends, but unfortunately, somethings have to make room for more important things in my life.

I love my life!  I’m perfectly happy.  My life is so full of blessings and all the trouble that I went through to get to this point, is soo worth it.  Thanks Rachel, Gabe, and Finn for giving me the family that I could’ve only dreamed of.