I’m getting MARRIED!

31 12 2011

I’m soo unbelievably happy right now.  Two days from now I’m going to be the happiest man on the planet.  I haven’t blogged too much lately.  I’ve told you about my mom and how amazing she is, I’ve told you about my granny and what an unbelievably incredible woman she is and now this.  I have alot of very special women in my life.

Rachel Sisneros (soon to be Barton) and I are getting married in San Diego and I couldnt be happier.  She is the most amazing person I’ve met.  She is the most up front and honest person I know.  From the first time she messaged me on PlentyofFish.com I’ve realized this.  Her first message to me was, “if I’m not too old, have too many kids, or live to far away, message me back”  Very odd first impression but I loved it.  She put it right out there.

Apparently the first things that caught her attention about me was the fact that I was Christian and 6’2″.  Why is this important?  Rachel is 5’10” and Gorgeous but for her it was hard to find a guy tall enough to where she could wear high heels and he would still be taller than her.  She loves to wear high heels and I love it too because she has long legs that are absolutely stunning.  She really is an incredible catch and I’m glad she found me.  Even to this day she lets me know that “She found me” and I’m so thankful for that.

Some other amazing things about her: She is a very solid Christian woman who has a heart of gold.  She cares deeply for others and will always be looking out for everyone and can see the good in anyone.  Constantly she’s sharing her heart for the poor and less fortunate.  She kicks herself because she wishes she had just asked for people to donate money to people who don’t have running water for christmas.  She is always saying how she feels greedy because she has soo much compared to most people and sometimes it makes her sad.  I’m pretty sure she has Christ’s heart for people and I can see us donating lots of money and sponsoring kids all over the world in our time together.  She is soo focused on God that most of our serious discussions are about Christ and our role here on earth.  She just has a heart that I don’t think fits in her chest!  I love it.  She is making me a stronger man in my faith and that is why I’m so excited for our future.  That is the point of marriage right?

She is the mother of two great boys.  Gabe and Finn.  They are both great kids.  Rachel has always put them first in her life and it shows.  Gabe has a huge heart and is the sweetest kid, which obviously he gets from his mother.  Finn is a little different.  He’s also a sweetheart but he’s also a little bugger sometimes.  He has this way though of


winning you over.  He says the funniest things and then just smiles at you and it’s impossible to be mad at him.  They are both great kids and it’s easy to see where they get it.  I’m extremely excited to be apart of their family and cant’ wait to expand our family.  She is the best mom ever, and I can’t wait to be the best dad ever with her as my example.

All in all, I’m soo blessed.  God has led me here and has made me grow through all my experiences and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  It would be nice to not go through all the heartache and everything, but I wouldn’t trade it ever.  She is my everything.  I’m so thankful for her and her kids and will treat her as the blessing she is.




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