My Goals in life…Explained!

18 07 2010

Ok, I’ve gotten a lot of flack recently and previously for my goals in life.  Let me explain them thoroughly here.

There are two different ways to look at this.  Your goals in life can be either your hopes to accomplish things, or who you strive to be in life.   You can have a goal to be a CEO or and an Artist or whatever you want to do for a career.  That’s great.  I choose to strive to Be someone instead of accomplishing something.  Yes I do strive to accomplish things and I do want a career.  But I will not put my job ahead of who I strive to be.   I will never be a CEO before I am a father.  Does this make sense?

So, here are my goals of WHO I want to be.  I start with these because these are more important than what I want to do.  If I don’t accomplish these things in my life, then I will not be satisfied or have a feeling of completion.  First, a man of God.  I want to be completely and utterly consumed by Gods desire and will for my life.  Am I there?  NO, and if I ever am there, slap me because it’s not something that you can check off a list.  It’s something you have to work at daily.  I also want to be an incredible husband.  What does that look like?  Like a man who puts his wifes needs and desires above his own no matter how bad of a day I’m having.  A man who loves his wife and says she’s beautiful when she’s sick and spewing up vomit and snot.  The guy who isn’t afraid to do kareoke with his wife because she wants to and you want to make her look better up there.  Next, I wanna be a father.  First off, I think it would be a crime against humanity if I didn’t reproduce myself.  I want to be the kind of father who has time for his kids because he’s not always at an office trying to move up a corporate ladder, but instead, I want to work at home in a workshop in my garage.  I want to teach my kids how to succeed in life and not depend on other people, but yet, ask for help or allow other people to help them.  I want them to have a love for God and family and have them truly understand what this life is all about.  I want them to understand that they have parents that love them no matter what.  I also want to be a guy that helps out anyone and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.  It’s easy to show love towards someone that deserves it, but it takes a Godly love to love a “sinner” and I want that Godly love.  I want my life to be an example of what a “Christian” looks like.  Not being judgmental, a gossiper, a lustful man, a “look what I did” kind of man.  I want to be a friend to everyone and enemy of no one.  Those are my “goals”.

My aspirations in life are different.  I consider my job a means to live a life that is worthy to God.  For example, I want to make enough money to give my family a somewhat comfortable life.  I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck, but then again, sometimes, that’s when your closest to God when you realize that He’s the only one that’s going to get you through this.  I look at trials as an opportunity for God to show me His love and care.  I want  a job that I love and I can reach people through this job.  I don’t want to work on-line with no personal interaction.  I can’t reach people for Christ over the internet.  I want a job that is beneficial to others as well as myself.

What kind of a job is this?  Not sure yet, but I’m thinking and have a vision to be a custom furniture maker/designer, or maybe in the Architectural world.  I love creating something from nothing.  I love to have an idea, put it roughly on paper, refine that design, put it into the computer and really refine the original idea, and then making it happen.  That is truly my idea of the perfect job…for me.  I have a vision of having a house on the outskirts of town (not out of town, but on the edge) and having a big workshop in the backyard where I can create all of my ideas.  I would love to make furniture that is sought after and people are itching to have me make something for them.  I would want to make a good size business out of it, but I would never give up actually having a hand in the manufacturing process.  I’d want my sons to come and watch and learn what I do, and see their eyes light up at what their dad can create.  That’s my ultimate goal/aspiration as far as a career goes.

Does all this make sense?  If you have any questions about any of this, leave a comment so I can respond.




4 responses

18 07 2010
russell barton

YES!! I have missed your blogs and now I know why. Well put, the journey has begun. I am almost at the end of my journey and it will be with deep satisfaction as I watch yours continue. You have already been down the road of hard knocks and am looking forward to seeing that road smooth out for you. I am there to help in any way possible.

20 07 2010

I think this is wonderful! Why not have both? Do both? Go to school for architecture to get the money to start the custom funiture business. Just because someone is successful, that doesn’t make them any less of a Godly person. If anything, I think a nonbeliever who sees a wealthy person put their money to good use is more of a testament then a poor man speak of having God in their life. Just sayin… 😉

10 08 2010

You have the words and wisdom that men have traveled the earth to find. Since the first day I met you, you captivated my attention with the kind and often funny ways you radiate to others. Chris you are simply an amazing man. I hope this journey you have begun takes to all the places your heart desires. It is so wonderful to know that men like you still exist.

8 06 2011

This is awesome, we are both creative people! I love how you made your puppy that little house once, so cute. I know if I ever want some custom furniture who I will ask!

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