27 06 2009

Yeah, so I’m a little excited about my vacation coming up! It’s only 8 days away!  I just got my new Nikon S560 camera and it is the bomb.  I still don’t know how to work everything but I will defineately have time when I’m in the woods with nothing but nature’s beauty around me.  So looking forward to Colorado and Seattle.

DSCN0059So my plans for Colorado are this.  At first I’m going to just hang with the fam and relax for a bit.  Then I’m going to be getting my tattoo.  I might give Tim, the tattoo artist, some time to work with my idea and see what he can come up with.  Hopefully my cousin Casey will come with and now my uncle Herb might as well.  It’ll be a good ol’ fashion family tattooing experience.  That’ll be cool.  Then, I will defineately have to take some tours of the brewery’s out there like New Belgium, Odell’s, and maybe even one of the bigger ones.  Who knows.  Other than that though, It’s mostly kicking back and chillaxin.

Then I go on into Seattle, where I will meet up with Matt and Jenny Mouw, two friends from my small group, where we will be heading into the mountains for a 12 day camping trip with no electricity or running water.  Should be interesting but that’s my style of camping.  As far as I understand it, we will be at the base of Mount Baker and Baker lake.  What a gorgeous sight that will be.  There we will be playing alot of games, board and card hopefully, as well as hiking, crabbing, and just good quiet time.  I’m seriously getting excited.  This will be my first trip by myself and going to multiple states.  What a leap for me.  When I get back I will have to update you guys on everything that happened.

Remember though, what happens in Seattle, stays in Seattle…only the stories come back to haunt you.  I guess that’s the part that should stay.  Oh well.  PEACE!




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