What a Song and Concept!

10 05 2009

This is awesome.  Jason Mraz is amazing!  Love his music.  If you don’t know who he is, get with it.  I think this will speak for itself.  Just a great “feel-good” song.  I know I desire what they are singing about.

I would say that they are right.  It is “Lucky” to be in love with your best friend, and lucky to have someone through the Hard times.  I guess it just depends on your view of luck though.  I don’t see it as lucky.  I see it as they’ve put in the emotional hours of hardship and torment, and then decided that this kind of love is worth working on.  I guess you’d say it’s lucky that both parties are so determined to have this kind of love.  It’s hard to find that.  It’s hard to be in Love.  Love isn’t easy, it’s not bliss, it’s not something you fall into.  Love is why we all exist.  Don’t believe me?  Ask a few questions.

Are you hoping to find the “love” of your life?

Have you grown up in a Household without love?  How was that?  If you had a household of love, is it a place you can go to whenever you’re hurting or need comfort or happiness?  Do you search for those things?  If so, you’ve probably been searching for a place of Love.

Why does ending relationships hurt so bad?  Is it because Love is easy to get over?  Is it easy to let go of your lover?  I guess that is why we let go of the ones we are close to, because we don’t have this kind of Love with the current person you’re with.  Can you though?  Is it easier to start over than to cultivate a relationship where this love is desired?

Let’s ask the real question.  What are the greatest 2 commands given in the Bible?  Love God and Love your neighbor.  Notice the Common word.  Love!!  Love is what this world and your purpose is all about.  Search it out.  Find it!  Everyone deserves Love.  Even the ones who hurt you the most.  I wish this kind of love on everyone.  I will spend the rest of my life looking for this kind of extraordinary, passionate, intimate, selfless, all-consuming kind of LOVE!




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