Life is good once again!

5 03 2009

The stress of life is starting to lift off my shoulders once again.  Money is still a little tight and I still have a lot of work every week, but overall life is good.

I can say that because I’ve noticed that Danielle and I are doing much better.  We had another little dry spot, but we are back and doing well again.  Work was stressing both of us out, the bills never stop, the house was a wreck, and a few other irritations.  Things have changed though.  The house, thanks to the in-laws, is clean and we are doing a great job of keeping it clean.  We’ve changed our lifestyle to fit our new “clean house” lifestyle.  Work is still tough, but it’s just work.  It’s not that bad.  We are getting a system down to pay our bills.  I say again, “Life is Good”.

I’ve noticed how much the house being clean really effects our mood.  It’s amazing how much impact it has on our relationship, our moods, and love life.

It probably helps that I have about 3 vacations planned in the next 3 months.  But hey, I’ve been working hard for 2 years straight.  It’s time for a little reward.



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