The Food and Bev Industry

11 02 2009

I just want to express my piece on the Food and Bev Industry.  I think it gets a bad rap.  I’ve worked in the food and bev industry for about 9 years on and off.  I’ve always made my bills and had time to do the things I’ve wanted to do. 

In Architecture I was making about 17 bucks an hour or so, but I also had to leave at 6:30 a.m. and get home around 7 p.m.  That’s with an hour each way in travel.  Also, I was in the Landscaping biz and that wasn’t too bad, if you like 60 hours a week for 25k a year.  Working in the blistering heat, tearing up your hands, and working at 4:00 a.m. 

On the other hand you have the food biz.  Start work around 10 a.m. and sometimes work till 11:30 p.m.  Depending on how good you are, you can make some great money.  Most of the time, I personally make around 17-22 bucks an hour.  Working with awesome people, jeans and a t-shirt, meeting tons of interesting people, I don’t see too much of a downside besides the fact that it doesn’t have much of a future unless your looking to do management.  The other benefit is that you have a very flexible schedule, which is easy to work around your school schedule.

I just think that the Food and Bev Industry has a bad rap.  It’s treated me well.  What do you think? 




One response

11 02 2009

It’s a tough job.
Positives: great people, flexible hours, decent money (not great)
Negatives: no nights, bad people, long hours, no weekends, decent money (not great), in your own words “the fact that it doesn’t have much of a future”.

I loved workin’ it when I did, but it is too hard now that I am married. I can’t hang

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