24 01 2009

So Danielle and I got tattoo’s just a little bit ago.  While we were in Colorado we decided to be spontaneous and get some tattoos.  We’ve been planning to get some now for a long time, but we didn’t have the money and/or the reason.  Well, the place we went to was called “Millenium Tattoos’ in Colorado.  The guy that did ours just came back from a national tattoo convention and won best portrait.  So we thought that he had some credibility and we’ll also never forget our trip now.

danielles-tattooDanielle got a Hibiscus Flower with “Live” above it and “Aloha” below.  What’s “Live Aloha” mean you might ask.  It’s an attitude/lifestyle that kind of means, live life like you would if you were on a constant vacation to Hawaii.  Dont’ stress about stuff, and don’t worry about tomorrow, just enjoy today and relax.  It describes Danielle’s personality quite well.  If she were stranded on the beach, she’d be in heaven.

chris-tattooI got a cross that looks like it is made of stone with a two gashes in the arms of the cross and one big one in the side representing the nails and the spear through the side.  It also has the crown of thorns on it that was a last minute addition.  The guy gave me a rough outline and we just trusted him to fill in the gaps.  It was a big leap of faith, but I saw the guys other work and he was awesome.

We are actually considering getting some more.  It will take some time to build up some money, but we love tattoo’s and we need to get Danielle’s touched up so we have to go back within the year and it’s free.  I know that tattoo’s have been kind of taboo, but I don’t think so.  I think it is an expression of your personality.



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