The Shack!

22 01 2009

the-shackThis is a book that my brother has been pushing on me for weeks now and I finally made time to read it.  It wasn’t easy for me to make time in my day to read, but I was determined to get through it.  It was either going to be an awesome book like I’ve been hearing, or I could finally get Josh to shut up about it.  Well, Danielle and I went up to Sedona for 2 days and three nights.  I read the entire book while up there.  What an awesome read!!!

I can’t say enough about it.  It really helped me to think a little differently.  Here are some of the main ways it really helped me without giving away any of the book. 

First, it helped me to relate with God.  It paints a great picture of how our relationship should be personal and intimate with God and yet still realize His glory and holiness.  It has given me a new perspective on how to talk to God and how much he cares for us. 

I’ve rededicated my life to serving Him because of what He’s done for me and what His Son has done for me.  Now it sounds so generic, but it’s really in depth.  William P. Young paints a vivid picture of the sounds and sights of what a relationship with Christ looks like.  The idea of relationship is something that is always talked about, but a little harder t0 understand what that could look like in our Real Lives.  I’ve had a Revitalization of my thoughts and spirit towards God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. 

That’s the last thing I’m going to talk about.  It also paints a very cool picture of the Godhead Three in One.  I also really liked that it didn’t follow the picture in my head about how it all looks.  I was really moved by his writings and his view on God and how God relates with us.  This is a MUST READ from a guy who doesn’t read in the first place.  I look forward to reading more books.  Thanks Bosh.



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