14 01 2009

I’ve been busy with alot of things lately and realized how frustrating it is to get all these things arranged.  I’ve been trying to change our insurance for a while now and finally setup a time to meet with a State Farm Agent.  It turns out that we saved a ton of money by switching to Geico.  Wait a minute, I mean State Farm.  So that’s one thing done.  Now we have an appointment to meet with an L.A. Fitness rep to start a free week of training.  We would like to start working out when we can fit it into our budget.  Also, we are looking for jobs and other stuff, so we found a site that tells us all about the place we were looking and population as well as ethnicity and housing and income comparison.  Interesting stuff. 

All this to say, It’s very frustrating to try to arrange my life.  I want to just let God direct me without me having to do anything.  He knows where I need to go and when I’m going to be going.  Could someone talk to him for me and just let me in on things.  I’m trying to arrange this stuff and I’m getting a headache.




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