My new Mission in Marriage

16 12 2008

I’ve decided last night that I’m going to do my part in my marriage.  God has called us to Love our spouse with everything we have and honor Him in it.  I’ve decided that I’m going to make that my mission.  I’m going to love Danielle regardless of if the house is clean, or she has her homework done, or even harder yet, she has done anything for me lately.  “What have you done for me lately”.  Remember that song?  Anyways, this is one of those “Pay if Forward” ideas.  Think of the change that could occur in America if we all decided to Love our spouse like Jesus loved the church.

What does that love look like.  I won’t do it justice but I’m going to butcher it anyways.  Make sure to start the pot of coffee in the morning eventhough I hate the smell of coffee in my house.  Get up at 6:30 in the morning to make sure that she has something good to take for lunch.  Clean up the house after a long shift at work.  Make sure to say, “I love you” first in the morning and last before you go to bed.  Love her when she despises all the things you’ve been doing for her.  Keep denying your own desires, because for some reason she isn’t quite happy yet and that comes first in my life.  Lastly, keep reading the Bible when it’s late at night and all you want to do is sleep.

I’ve noticed that Danielle and I have had some dry spots lately where we don’t feel too close to each other, and I blame that on my spiritual staleness (I don’t know if that’s a word or not, but it is now).  I haven’t been reading the Bible, or doing any devotionals, or talking with my wife about her relationship with God.  These are the things that I’ve realized will revitalize my relationship with her.

jerry_maguireI’m putting out the challenge to Husbands and Wives, Boyfriends and Girlfriends (eventhough I feel that “Love” is a word that is thrown around too much in the dating world), be the first to say I love you in the morning.  You can do that in a bunch of different ways.  You can actual say, “I love you”, or be the first to bless your spouse in the morning by making coffee or breakfast, making the bed, letting the other sleep in while your getting up, whatever it might be.  You can also start reading an encouraging marriage builder book, or the Bible in the morning.  You find your own way to “Love” your spouse.  Who’s coming with me?



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