Family Ties

23 11 2008

Let me just say how awesome it is to have family that you are anxious to see and clear your plans to see.  This is not just on my side of the family either.  This is the in-laws as well.  My wife’s extended family is in town for Thanksgiving and it is awesome to see everyone.  We are going to be welcoming Beau back into town tomorrow and we are coordinating a big welcoming party.  It’s awesome to see how excited everyone gets about welcoming back family.

I feel completely blessed to have some wonderful in-laws.  I love the Holidays, but boy is it tiring switching back and forth from family to family, but I wouldn’t want to miss either of them.  Why is it that I hear so many families with hard times working things out between the families?  Why aren’t people just excited that their son/daughter/brother/sister are happy and have met someone that they fall in love with.  Obviously if people get married, they are in love.  Or so we’d like to think.  Regardless, they are married, and everyone should encourage the relationship and not try to destroy it. 

I know that everyone has had tiffs and quarels that aren’t as easy to get past.  I know when it comes to kids and stuff, things are alot different because you can’t always trust people with your kids.  That’s not always the case though.  Let things go and think about the future and what would help your relationship instead of who’s right. 

Anyways, do you feel as blessed as I do?  Or do you fall into the Monster In-law category?




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