Elections and You!!

8 11 2008

Catchy and original title huh.  So this last election was a little bit exciting and problem causing.  I think the way our economy is right now, everyone is interested in who’s going to be getting us out of the mess that we’re in.  I don’t agree with the candidate choice, but Barack might be the better man for getting this country back on track.  Here’s my deal.

I vote for the person who I think lines up more with my views, than what I can benefit from.  I don’t necessarily think that is how everyone is voting, but I might have voted different if the latter was true.  I think John McCain’s views and beliefs are closer to mine than Barack Obama.  I think that Barack Obama might be more beneficial for ME, but it’s not about me, it’s about God and who’s views line up more with God’s.

Now here’s the other tricky thing about the elections.  People are very passionate about their views and opinions.  There is alot to be said for people who are very passionate about who they vote for, and yet are very open to be able to talk about it in a very tackful manner. Here’s the overall message of this post.  YOU HAVE TO HAVE TACT AND UNDERSTANDING WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT POLITICS.  You need to have both.  You can be the most tactful person and bring things up in a very neutral manner, but if you are not willing to understand the other person’s views, then you have made no ground and most likely have upset people and have turned them off to talking to you about that subject.  On the otherhand, you can want to understand why a person believes and feels the way they do, but if you don’t have tact, they are going to feel offended or attacked because you didn’t bring it up in a neutral non-offensive way.  For example, “I think that Barack has alot of positive things to offer, but for me, the war and abortion are the big deal breakers.” That is a very tactful way of talking about it.  Understand that every Candidate will have positives to them.  The more you learn why people are voting for someone, the more you can look into those issues and you can either open your mind to them or build arguments against it, but either way you are more educated and more approachable.

Agree to DisagreeThe Elections are a huge deal and are very important, but they are not worth fighting your family and friends over, just to prove your point.  If you and someone don’t agree, then you can, “Agree to Disagree”.  That’s not just a great line from Anchorman but a great way to go through life.  If you can’t agree on a conclusion, agree to disagree on things.  That way you are both on the same page and you are on good terms.  Elections are not worth friendships or family strife.  CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!!!




2 responses

9 11 2008

Well said Chris! I 100% agree! Thanks for writing it! 🙂

9 11 2008

Chris, let me say this is a very good blog. When it comes to politics I think many people are very uneducated. Young people may vote one way because its the thing to do and others just say I vote democrat\republican because thats how I was brought up. I think everyone should get involved and find the canidate that does line up w/ them no matter if they are on one side or the other. I believe in this time of need we all need to stand together and make the world a better place no matter who leads us. I do think this is an wonderful event in history because of how far we have come. Some of this election was racial I hope we can all look past that now. Alot of great men white and black put their lives on the line to get us to this point, lets honor them and heal the world as one!

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