I just have to put this out there…

31 08 2008

What is the Best Show in Television.  I know alot of people would say “the Office” or “ugly betty” but I think you people are full of it.  Hands down, the best TV show in television for entertainment is “Family Guy”.  No other show has a wide variety of topics and jokes.  Granted because it’s a cartoon is has an advantage, but still, I personally think the show is enjoyable for ages 10 to Seniors.  Maybe not so appropriate for all those ages, but the jokes and comedy are enjoyable for all.  Also, it’s probably the most quoteable show as well.  I keep hearing about all these quotes from “The Office” but they are all jokes that need background.  “Family Guy” on the otherhand is good as is.  No plot or backstory needed.  It’s all just such raw comedy.




2 responses

3 09 2008

the office hands down. sorry man, but micheal scott takes uncomfortability (its a word, i made it up) to a whole new level.

that’s what she said

3 09 2008
Chris Barton

Once again, “that’s what she said” needs background, otherwise people won’t understand.

“let’s drink till the statue of liberty takes her clothes off” doesn’t need any background. It makes me chuckle just thinking about it (chuckle chuckle).

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