20 08 2008

I’m a little stuck on how cool friends are.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a plethora of pinatas, uh I mean friends, but the ones I do have I love to death.  We’ve had so many good times and have stuck with each other for a long time.  There’s so many of them that I would go to great lengths for if asked of me.  There is just some kind of very fulfilling thing about have memories and experiences that you can reflect on and the fact that you can look forward to making more in the future.

This was at my buddy Mickey’s wedding.  We had all of our friends there supporting him and wishing him well and it’s just an awesome experience.  I believe this was just after the hour long Mexican Train dance.  We needed a little Captain to keep us going.  I unfortunately had a splitting headache so my captain was in the form of Ibuprofen.  I just saw this photo on one of the guys myspace and so I had to steal it.  It just embodies the friendship that we all have.  Every time I look at it, it just brings a giant smile to my face.  This is the spice of life.  The friends you make throughout and the experiences you have together are what make this life so interesting and fun.  I hope that you all have friends like this.  I hope you have albums full of photos that you can look back on and remember all the dumb and stupid stuff you did, and reminise about them with your spouses and kids.  




2 responses

20 11 2008
chris barton

dude just wanted to meet someone with the same name as me cool as crap!!

22 11 2008
Chris Barton

You are the Second Chris Barton I’ve met.

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