19 08 2008

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my job given to me by God right now is to witness.  Now I know that it’s a job that every Christian has, but I truly feel that I’m in the restaurant business right now to witness to the lost.  The restaurant business is a tough industry.  It’s very easy to get caught up in the “college lifestyle” since the industry is full of college students, high school students and people in transition. 

Now here’s my major conflict.  What is witnessing and how far do you take it.  What I mean is, I like to get to know people and hang out with them.  Alot of the people like to drink though.  As do I, but I try to keep it within moderation.  So, I think that going out with people and having a drink with them is a part of witnessing at the beginning.  I meet them where they are.  I want to also make them comfortable with me and not have them think that I’m judging them for drinking.  Now, I don’t want to rationalize me drinking either.  I like to have a beer or a gin and tonic, they aren’t twisting my arm here.  I think though, that I am letting them know that they don’t have to give up certain things because people out there have given them all these legalistic rules.  It’s not black and white.  But there are also limits.   Which is a great way to discuss the issue.  “No thanks, I’m good with just one, I try not to go over my limit,” and I think that’s a great icebreaker.  You can start talking about issues that people have with Christianity and let them know where the line is crossed and why.  For example, “I don’t like to have more than 2, after that my tongue starts to get a little looser than I like.”  It let’s them know your limit and why. 

So, what do you think, am I rationalizing going out and having a beer with friends from work, or do I have a legitimate point?  If you were/are a non-believer, would you feel more comfortable hanging out with someone who will have a beer with you, or someone who tells you they don’t drink because they believe it’s a sin?  It might not be as black and white as I put it, but to some it’s one extreme or the other.




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10 11 2008

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