How REAL is God?

13 08 2008

I find this to be an interesting question depending on who you talk to and when you talk to them.  God is the most real to people when they are going through difficult situations.  That is also the time that alot of people give up on God because they don’t understand why “GOD” would make things so difficult for them.  Here’s my view on this.

I’ve learned that God doesn’t make life difficult for us.  He would never make life difficult for us.  Life gets hard because we want to make our own futures and we want to live life the way we want to.  God has a plan for everyones life.  Our lives are designed around God’s plan.  Most of the time though, our plan differs from God’s and when we decide to go our own way, that’s when life gets difficult.  If you are truly seeking God’s heart and seeking a deep relationship with God, I think that “life” may be hard, but you will be fully satisfied from the inside out.

My wife and I have experienced God in as real a form as I could have ever imagined.  He brought us back from being seperated.  We weren’t sure if our marriage was going to last another week.  When we decided that we had to get our relationship with God back before our relationship with each other, God showed Himself to us in a big way.  We focused on God, talking to Him, trusting in Him, loving Him and we put our lives in His hands.  Since then we have got back together and we truly have a better relationship now than we ever did before.  It’s like a triangle.  If you put God on the top of the triangle and me on one point and my wife on the other point you’ll notice something.  If my wife and I want to get closer to each other and she has to meet me part of the way and I have to meet her part of the way.  Which can work out for a while, but the idea that “they aren’t meeting me half way, I’m going 80% and she’s only going 20%” will always come up.  Now if you both start going closer to God then the distance between you gets shorter and shorter and you don’t have to work so hard at it.  As long as you are close to God, you will be closer to each other. 

So again the question, “How REAL is God?” God is as real as you make Him.  When I got laid off from my job making pretty decent wages, to not having a job for a month and a half you better believe I was stressing a bit.  Then Danielle and I realized that we weren’t trusting God with our lives and money.  We truly, gave it to God, and let things fall where they fell.  Here’s what happened.  We honestly weren’t worried about our finances one bit.  We knew that God was going to come through for us.  We knew he was going to provide.  He did in a big way.  I now have 2 jobs that are supplementing my income from my drafting job, my wife and I have the best relationship we could ask for.  We come to each other with all of our hard issues, and we talk them out and work them out without getting mad at each other.  BIG STEP. Once we started to focus on God, our lives came back together.  All in all, God is VERY REAL, if you make him.  When you do, life may not be easy, but it will definately be GOOD.




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25 08 2008
Danielle Bafton

SO true SO true!! It is amazing how God will really pick you up from your lows, comfort you and take you to higher levels than you ever knew possible. As much as our seperation hurt I am honestly glad we went through it because God made himself SO real to us individually during that time. It is only because of our individual relationships with God that our marraige is as strong as it is today. It is wild to see how as I become distracted by other things in life (school, work, other friends, co-workers, etc) and my focus shifts off of my relationship with God my relationship with my husband very quickly begins to suffer… THEN I get scared and I start working really hard on “my marraige” I start trying to fix chris and chris works to fix me because we see that there is something wrong with US which is why (we think) our marriage is struggling. God just waits for us to look to HIM to cry out to HIM and trust in HIM once again. It is then that we again realize how much we need HIM and we place our marriage back in his hands. We place our focus individually and mutually as a couple on our relationship with GOD and once again our marriage soars to higher levels. GOD is sooo good and He loves us soo much and He is just waiting for us to look to Him and to place our lives and our everyday decisions in His hands. Let me tell you… He is FULLY capable and when you put your full faith in Him you will be amazed at what He can do in your life!!! Thank you God for bringing Chris and I back together and thank you for showing us how much we matter to you. I pray that You will use our marriage to help other couples who are struggling with the battles that can be so common in marriage. I pray that You would use our difficult times to encourage other couples!

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