I just have to put this out there…

31 08 2008

What is the Best Show in Television.  I know alot of people would say “the Office” or “ugly betty” but I think you people are full of it.  Hands down, the best TV show in television for entertainment is “Family Guy”.  No other show has a wide variety of topics and jokes.  Granted because it’s a cartoon is has an advantage, but still, I personally think the show is enjoyable for ages 10 to Seniors.  Maybe not so appropriate for all those ages, but the jokes and comedy are enjoyable for all.  Also, it’s probably the most quoteable show as well.  I keep hearing about all these quotes from “The Office” but they are all jokes that need background.  “Family Guy” on the otherhand is good as is.  No plot or backstory needed.  It’s all just such raw comedy.


Hey there…

22 08 2008

I was just wondering who is actually visiting my site.  Since no one ever leaves comments I have no idea who checks out what I write, or if it’s just my wife making me feel better about myself.  So If you are reading this, and you are not Danielle, add a comment that just says, “Hey, it’s ‘so and so’ just checkin in to see what’s new”.  Please do, I’m interested to see who’s checking out my nonsense.  Danielle, don’t add comments with other peoples name either.  That’s deceptive, and you know what the Bible says about being deceptive, it’s against it (Kingpin, the movie) That’s all I have tonight, keep in touch, maybe I’ll have something good to say soon.  Seeya.

P.S. Leave a comment with your name.


20 08 2008

I’m a little stuck on how cool friends are.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a plethora of pinatas, uh I mean friends, but the ones I do have I love to death.  We’ve had so many good times and have stuck with each other for a long time.  There’s so many of them that I would go to great lengths for if asked of me.  There is just some kind of very fulfilling thing about have memories and experiences that you can reflect on and the fact that you can look forward to making more in the future.

This was at my buddy Mickey’s wedding.  We had all of our friends there supporting him and wishing him well and it’s just an awesome experience.  I believe this was just after the hour long Mexican Train dance.  We needed a little Captain to keep us going.  I unfortunately had a splitting headache so my captain was in the form of Ibuprofen.  I just saw this photo on one of the guys myspace and so I had to steal it.  It just embodies the friendship that we all have.  Every time I look at it, it just brings a giant smile to my face.  This is the spice of life.  The friends you make throughout and the experiences you have together are what make this life so interesting and fun.  I hope that you all have friends like this.  I hope you have albums full of photos that you can look back on and remember all the dumb and stupid stuff you did, and reminise about them with your spouses and kids.  


19 08 2008

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my job given to me by God right now is to witness.  Now I know that it’s a job that every Christian has, but I truly feel that I’m in the restaurant business right now to witness to the lost.  The restaurant business is a tough industry.  It’s very easy to get caught up in the “college lifestyle” since the industry is full of college students, high school students and people in transition. 

Now here’s my major conflict.  What is witnessing and how far do you take it.  What I mean is, I like to get to know people and hang out with them.  Alot of the people like to drink though.  As do I, but I try to keep it within moderation.  So, I think that going out with people and having a drink with them is a part of witnessing at the beginning.  I meet them where they are.  I want to also make them comfortable with me and not have them think that I’m judging them for drinking.  Now, I don’t want to rationalize me drinking either.  I like to have a beer or a gin and tonic, they aren’t twisting my arm here.  I think though, that I am letting them know that they don’t have to give up certain things because people out there have given them all these legalistic rules.  It’s not black and white.  But there are also limits.   Which is a great way to discuss the issue.  “No thanks, I’m good with just one, I try not to go over my limit,” and I think that’s a great icebreaker.  You can start talking about issues that people have with Christianity and let them know where the line is crossed and why.  For example, “I don’t like to have more than 2, after that my tongue starts to get a little looser than I like.”  It let’s them know your limit and why. 

So, what do you think, am I rationalizing going out and having a beer with friends from work, or do I have a legitimate point?  If you were/are a non-believer, would you feel more comfortable hanging out with someone who will have a beer with you, or someone who tells you they don’t drink because they believe it’s a sin?  It might not be as black and white as I put it, but to some it’s one extreme or the other.

How REAL is God?

13 08 2008

I find this to be an interesting question depending on who you talk to and when you talk to them.  God is the most real to people when they are going through difficult situations.  That is also the time that alot of people give up on God because they don’t understand why “GOD” would make things so difficult for them.  Here’s my view on this.

I’ve learned that God doesn’t make life difficult for us.  He would never make life difficult for us.  Life gets hard because we want to make our own futures and we want to live life the way we want to.  God has a plan for everyones life.  Our lives are designed around God’s plan.  Most of the time though, our plan differs from God’s and when we decide to go our own way, that’s when life gets difficult.  If you are truly seeking God’s heart and seeking a deep relationship with God, I think that “life” may be hard, but you will be fully satisfied from the inside out.

My wife and I have experienced God in as real a form as I could have ever imagined.  He brought us back from being seperated.  We weren’t sure if our marriage was going to last another week.  When we decided that we had to get our relationship with God back before our relationship with each other, God showed Himself to us in a big way.  We focused on God, talking to Him, trusting in Him, loving Him and we put our lives in His hands.  Since then we have got back together and we truly have a better relationship now than we ever did before.  It’s like a triangle.  If you put God on the top of the triangle and me on one point and my wife on the other point you’ll notice something.  If my wife and I want to get closer to each other and she has to meet me part of the way and I have to meet her part of the way.  Which can work out for a while, but the idea that “they aren’t meeting me half way, I’m going 80% and she’s only going 20%” will always come up.  Now if you both start going closer to God then the distance between you gets shorter and shorter and you don’t have to work so hard at it.  As long as you are close to God, you will be closer to each other. 

So again the question, “How REAL is God?” God is as real as you make Him.  When I got laid off from my job making pretty decent wages, to not having a job for a month and a half you better believe I was stressing a bit.  Then Danielle and I realized that we weren’t trusting God with our lives and money.  We truly, gave it to God, and let things fall where they fell.  Here’s what happened.  We honestly weren’t worried about our finances one bit.  We knew that God was going to come through for us.  We knew he was going to provide.  He did in a big way.  I now have 2 jobs that are supplementing my income from my drafting job, my wife and I have the best relationship we could ask for.  We come to each other with all of our hard issues, and we talk them out and work them out without getting mad at each other.  BIG STEP. Once we started to focus on God, our lives came back together.  All in all, God is VERY REAL, if you make him.  When you do, life may not be easy, but it will definately be GOOD.

Random person calling

6 08 2008

If your like me, you like to keep in touch with people.  In my book, nothing is worse than losing contact with someone.  Alot of the times it feels that the longer I go without talking to someone, the cooler it is when I actually call them and chat.  I have alot of friends that I would love to catch up with, but they are either feeling like it’s awkward and “how do I explain why I haven’t called back”.  I personally don’t care why.  I just want to catch up with old friends.  I have one friend that I’ve had since about 8th grade Spanish class.  We have had ups and downs as far as our friendship goes, but we always seem to come back to each other and just say, “forget the past, I miss being able to talk to you about what’s going on.”  I love our relationship.  She actually introduced me to my wife and for that I’m eternally grateful.  Thanks Sarah.  Anyways, she is the kind of person that I can not call for 9 months and then out of nowhere call her up and try to meet up for drinks sometime when we are able to.  I love that.  I have another friend, Kara, that we’ve been friends for along time as well, we also had a falling out, mostly my fault, but we can still call each other up and see what’s going on with each others lives like nothing’s ever changed or no time has passed. 

So a little fun thing that I like to do is look through my list of phone numbers on my phone and call someone I haven’t talked to in a long time.  About once or twice a month I do this and it’s soo much fun.  Just to call someone at random and see what they are up to and what’s going on in their life.  I might be weird but that’s ok.  I dare you to do it.  I know it’s awkward sometimes.  But once you both understand that you can choose to not make it weird, it’s great times catching up.  If it still seems weird after a few minutes, address it.  “Why is it awkward talking to you.  Is it just me or does it not seem like it’s a little awkward?  Let’s not make it awkward.”  Give it a try.  It’s Great fun, and Kool oldies. Kool 94.5.  (I know I’m weird, I’m cool with it if you are)