H.O.A.’s are the worst!

3 07 2008

So I just got a letter in the mail saying that I need to fix my front yard.  I just removed some rock and I’m extending my grass to the curb.  I did it last week and within the week I get a letter saying I need to fix it or they’ll put a lien on my home.  I believe them too.  I’ve already had to pay fines for “intent to lien” papers being filed.  That was because I put my trash can on the side of my house instead of in my garage or backyard. 

I understand the purpose of H.O.A.’s, but they are way overrated.  They are supposed to keep the neighborhood looking decent, and keep up the landscaping of the parks and streets.  That all sounds great.  But when I’m getting fined for improving my yard, and making my yard look great and upscale, increasing the value of my home through my improvements, wouldn’t you think you might have a little leniency?  It might take the grass more than a week to completely fill in the old area.  It might take me more than two months to do a nice wall and flagstone and what not in my yard.  Is that so much to ask?

I vow this day forth, that i will not have an H.O.A. again.  They seem like they are for a bunch of old grumpy retired folk, who need someone to complain to and about.  Seriously, the last meeting I went to, some guy complained about someone cutting through his rocks.  Seems sort of understandable, but when you complain about someone taking two steps into your nasty weed filled rocks because it’s leaving imprints in your rocks, I think you’ve overdone it a bit.