Anyone need anything built?

27 06 2008

I know it sounds a little odd.  I’ve been having the itch to build something ever since I started working for California Landscape and Design.  I have seen how the guys there start with bare dirt, and turn it into a dream backyard.  It’s quite impressive, and they make it look so easy.  Ever since I’ve had my house, I’ve really had the itch to build stuff out of wood.  My wife always hears, “Why would we buy that?  I can make it for half the price.”  For example, I just recently made a workbench for around $125.  Doesn’t sound too cheap though right.  When you consider you could probably park your car on it, and then fold up the legs and take it with you, that’s pretty amazing.  Now granted you kind of have to be a brute to carry it by yourself, but that’s just how I do things.  I’ve really had the craving to build Danielle and I a headboard for our bed, but I need a few more tools to really do it well.  That’s also been a problem.  In order to justify building something, it has to be very functional and look decent.  The functional I’ve got.  It’s the making it look decent that’s a little harder.  I know though, that the more things I build, the more knowledge and skill I acquire.  Besides, I never do things halfway.

So I have ideas to build an entertainment center, dog house with patio, elevated dog bed w/ storage for dog food and water, a head board for my bed, my office with shelves and desktop, a shed for my dad’s house to store all his tools/lawn mowers, etc.  I have tons of ideas, energy, problem solving skills, desire, and perserveerance to do all this stuff with no money to justify it.  So I’m putting out a call for anyone that would like some stuff built.  If you need something built out of masonry or wood let me know, I can do it. 

Brought to you by:

the next Tim “The toolman” Taylor

Chris the-soon-to-be-Toolman Barton….(and you thought Danger was my middle name.  Don’t you feel silly)




2 responses

25 08 2008
Danielle Bafton

Hey babe… If your looking for something to build I could come up with a few things… headboard, entertainment center, crown molding…etc… I think that this blog should be called “Anyone want to sponsor an entrepenueral carpenter?” Now that would be a good idea! If someone else could just pay you to make us stuff for the house.

25 08 2008
Chris Barton

Good idea. So is anyone interested in sponsoring a Carpenter in the works, so when I get my own show on TV you can say, I got him started. And yes, I’ll let more than one person sponsor me.

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