Watch Your Tongue

14 05 2008

Do you have a problem watching your tongue?  I know I do from time to time.  It’s really hard when I’m at work and people are razzing a co-worker to not jump in.  It’s all in fun, and if it seems to be irritating the person, I usually stop and make sure their feelings don’t get hurt.  Seems innocent, but I think about the times when I was razzed, and yeah I played it off as if it didn’t hurt me, but of course it left scars.  I always think about what I’m eating in public, because I’ve been teased so much about my weight that I don’t want people to see me eat and give them some more fuel to burn me with.

I think that the thing that makes me think the most about watching what I say, is the fact that the bible calls this “overflow from the heart”.  Now you can argue what you want, but I believe it to be true.  I think that it’s not always about what your saying as much as the reason behind what your saying.  Someone talks about their friend who is overweight and you jump in.  Why do we jump in?  If we take a step back and look at that moment, it seems that most of the times it’s because we want to “fit in”.  You might think, “the comment that he made was funny”, and so therefore you make one back in hopes that your friend will think your’s is funny.  I might be over analyzing this, but I do feel that there is some truth to it. 

I’ve been realizing over the years what it means to be a strong person.  I’m not talking about my rippling biceps or 6 pack abs either.  I’ve been realizing that it takes a truly strong person to resist going along with “the norm” and living your life with integrity.  I know, there’s that word again that I won’t let go of.  I think that it shows character and integrity when you don’t go along with everyone to fit in.  We’ve all been in those situations where it feels like you need to go along so that you don’t rock the boat.  You don’t have to present what you feel in an in-your-face manner to stick up for what you believe.  For example, if the guy above you asks “So and so thinks I’m a jerk, do you think I’m a jerk?”  Tough situation, but if you live your life with integrity and you don’t want to compromise your character, it’s really tough.  Instead of saying, “No, I think that guys a jerk and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about” you can say, “I think all superiors need to be a little stern at times.  Do you think you’ve been hard on him?”  You’ve now said the truth, without jumping on the bandwagon or throwing someone else under the bus.  You’ve also opened up the conversation to talk about it a little more. 





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