Colorado Trip

14 05 2008

Colorado was amazing!  I didn’t remember much about it except for one of my old houses.  When Danielle and I were turning onto the street, a few memories started coming to mind.  I remembered that when I was young, my brother and I would always try to stay clear of this one gigantic tree because it had a huge hornets nest in it.  Occasionally we would get up the nerve to start throwing rocks at it like we were tough, but then we started running like little girls.  I also remember when we were walking to school we used to always walk through a canal.  It was a shortcut.  I also remember that my friends and I would try to catch crawdads in those canals at certain times of the year.

Danielle and I went to Fort Collins for our vacation.  My family used to live there as well as my moms side of the family that still lives there.  We stayed with my cousin Kelly and her daughter Casey.  They stayed in the most perfect little place.  Actually it wasn’t even that little.  You walked in and on the ground level you had the kitchen, dining room, living room, den and a powder room.  Then you go upstairs and there is an extra bedroom, a full bath, and then the master bedroom which is basically another house.  You walk in to it and you have a “common area” i call it because it’s the size of a room, yet it’s encased into the master bedroom.  You can either go to the right and there she has a huge bathroom with a seperate whirlpool bath and shower and toilet, or you can go straight and there is her bed and huge walk-in closet.  That’s just the upstairs of the Townhouse.  You can go down into the basement where there is the laundry room, two small bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room.  I was blown away. 

The thing that’s so special about Fort Collins, besides the amazing weather changes, is the fact that it has such a warm inviting feel to everything.  They don’t have stucco and block walls.  They have wood siding and true wooden fencing.  The neighborhoods aren’t closed off from the street.  You can see down into their little trails and parks that they have.  The biggest difference that they have that makes everything seem so nice is their landscaping.  They have grass and trees.  I know, so do we but not like theirs.  They have trees the size of my appetite when I’m on a diet.  The trees are gigantic and they have grass growing everywhere.  You don’t have to try to keep grass alive.  The combination of big trees and grass are the ultimate in cool and inviting atmosphere. 

I loved going back and look forward to our next trip out there. 




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