Who wants to talk cars?

21 05 2008

This is a good subject that I’ve always been pationate about.  Here’s my problem.  When you were in high school, did you dump all the money you had into your vehicle?  I know I sure did.  I still have my 68 Camaro in my garage.  I’ve given up on it temporarily, maybe when I’m older I can fix it up.  This isn’t the problem though.  Why don’t alot of people get out of this phase?  I understand the fact that we all want nice “things”.  I do to.  The problem is that it’s all just stuff.  There’s a few things that really irritate me too.  Lifted trucks, Rice rockets, and let’s call it the Super Uppers.  Understand where I am coming from.  I think that every car should be used for it’s original intent.  Anything other than that is a waste in my opinion. 

First we have the lifted trucks.  I think that some of the lifted trucks out there are decent looking.  That’s about it though.  They completely negate their purpose when you lift them.  They are designed to carry people and haul/tow things.  Now yes, I understand that they are good to go offroading in sometimes.  On the other hand, if you put more than a 4 inch lift on your truck, your starting to ruin your offroad capabilities.  When do people every need to go over a 18″ tall rock and need that clearance?  All your doing is making your truck top heavy and blowing your ability to stop.  When I see these lifted F350 Trucks with 20 inch wheels and a paint job that you would never risk getting a chip in, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  Why do you need it?  What about Hummers?  They were original intended to be military vehicles capable of doing incredible things like climbing an 18″ vertical obstacle, running the engine while it is submersed in water, and being able to take a brutal amount of punishment.  Now they are a status symbol for businesses and people with more money than sense.  Unless you take your hummer off roading, need to drive it into a lake, or need to be able to bounce off rocks and keep going, your Hummer is useless.

What about Rice Rockets?  I have a Honda Accord 4 door that is capable of taking me and 3-4 other friends to various locations.  Once again, it follows it’s original intent.  Now the Rice Rockets that have Folgers cans for exhaust tips and a Rear spoiler the size of the car, are the ones I have problems with.  First of all, having a loud car does not make you go faster.  Because it sounds like a swarm of bees constantly follows your car, it does not in fact make you “Fly”.  Granted you’ve got a Rear spoiler bigger than most airplanes wings, but you are not in fact “flying”.  The Rear spoiler is the stupidest thing that people have put on their import cars.  You realize that you have a Front Wheel Drive car and yet you are putting down-force on the back of your car resulting in less traction than without the wing.  You put a wing on a car because you cannot keep your tires from spinning because you have too much power and not enough down-force.  Therefore, once again negating the entire purpose of the thing.  They are import passenger cars people, not racecars.  Now if you happen to have a Toyota Supra or a Nissan Skyline then by all means, put a wing on it and they already come stock with the Folgers can on the back.  Those are rear wheel drive cars that need downforce because they are extremely powerful cars. 

Last but not least, the “Super Uppers”.  These are the cars that find the “Chrome” that goes around your windows, wheel wells, and anywhere else you can find.  In addition, they have the Flames covering their lights, door handles, and windshield wipers.  In addition to wheels ranging from the “deep dish spoked” wheels to the 26″ Giovani’s.  This stuff is all ridiculous.  On a rare occasion it will actually add appeal to your vehicle where most of the times is just signifies that your insecure with your self and you need convince everyone else that you’re cool.  Once again though, if your going off roading, get yourself some locking, offroading durable wheels.  Or if you have a racing car, get some nice light racing wheels that won’t explode with the heat that you’re going to throw at them.  If you have a “Show Car” then get an extremely nice paint job, nice interior and so forth.  If you’re going to the supermarket and to work, you don’t need these things.  They are a waste of money that could be put to use in a more beneficial way like your kids college funds or your own retirement funds.

What do you think?  Do you think I’m rationalizing the fact that I have a muscle car that get’s terrible gas mileage and has the nice wheels on them?  Or do you agree that form should follow function?


Watch Your Tongue

14 05 2008

Do you have a problem watching your tongue?  I know I do from time to time.  It’s really hard when I’m at work and people are razzing a co-worker to not jump in.  It’s all in fun, and if it seems to be irritating the person, I usually stop and make sure their feelings don’t get hurt.  Seems innocent, but I think about the times when I was razzed, and yeah I played it off as if it didn’t hurt me, but of course it left scars.  I always think about what I’m eating in public, because I’ve been teased so much about my weight that I don’t want people to see me eat and give them some more fuel to burn me with.

I think that the thing that makes me think the most about watching what I say, is the fact that the bible calls this “overflow from the heart”.  Now you can argue what you want, but I believe it to be true.  I think that it’s not always about what your saying as much as the reason behind what your saying.  Someone talks about their friend who is overweight and you jump in.  Why do we jump in?  If we take a step back and look at that moment, it seems that most of the times it’s because we want to “fit in”.  You might think, “the comment that he made was funny”, and so therefore you make one back in hopes that your friend will think your’s is funny.  I might be over analyzing this, but I do feel that there is some truth to it. 

I’ve been realizing over the years what it means to be a strong person.  I’m not talking about my rippling biceps or 6 pack abs either.  I’ve been realizing that it takes a truly strong person to resist going along with “the norm” and living your life with integrity.  I know, there’s that word again that I won’t let go of.  I think that it shows character and integrity when you don’t go along with everyone to fit in.  We’ve all been in those situations where it feels like you need to go along so that you don’t rock the boat.  You don’t have to present what you feel in an in-your-face manner to stick up for what you believe.  For example, if the guy above you asks “So and so thinks I’m a jerk, do you think I’m a jerk?”  Tough situation, but if you live your life with integrity and you don’t want to compromise your character, it’s really tough.  Instead of saying, “No, I think that guys a jerk and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about” you can say, “I think all superiors need to be a little stern at times.  Do you think you’ve been hard on him?”  You’ve now said the truth, without jumping on the bandwagon or throwing someone else under the bus.  You’ve also opened up the conversation to talk about it a little more. 


Colorado Trip

14 05 2008

Colorado was amazing!  I didn’t remember much about it except for one of my old houses.  When Danielle and I were turning onto the street, a few memories started coming to mind.  I remembered that when I was young, my brother and I would always try to stay clear of this one gigantic tree because it had a huge hornets nest in it.  Occasionally we would get up the nerve to start throwing rocks at it like we were tough, but then we started running like little girls.  I also remember when we were walking to school we used to always walk through a canal.  It was a shortcut.  I also remember that my friends and I would try to catch crawdads in those canals at certain times of the year.

Danielle and I went to Fort Collins for our vacation.  My family used to live there as well as my moms side of the family that still lives there.  We stayed with my cousin Kelly and her daughter Casey.  They stayed in the most perfect little place.  Actually it wasn’t even that little.  You walked in and on the ground level you had the kitchen, dining room, living room, den and a powder room.  Then you go upstairs and there is an extra bedroom, a full bath, and then the master bedroom which is basically another house.  You walk in to it and you have a “common area” i call it because it’s the size of a room, yet it’s encased into the master bedroom.  You can either go to the right and there she has a huge bathroom with a seperate whirlpool bath and shower and toilet, or you can go straight and there is her bed and huge walk-in closet.  That’s just the upstairs of the Townhouse.  You can go down into the basement where there is the laundry room, two small bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room.  I was blown away. 

The thing that’s so special about Fort Collins, besides the amazing weather changes, is the fact that it has such a warm inviting feel to everything.  They don’t have stucco and block walls.  They have wood siding and true wooden fencing.  The neighborhoods aren’t closed off from the street.  You can see down into their little trails and parks that they have.  The biggest difference that they have that makes everything seem so nice is their landscaping.  They have grass and trees.  I know, so do we but not like theirs.  They have trees the size of my appetite when I’m on a diet.  The trees are gigantic and they have grass growing everywhere.  You don’t have to try to keep grass alive.  The combination of big trees and grass are the ultimate in cool and inviting atmosphere. 

I loved going back and look forward to our next trip out there.