Friends for Life

21 04 2008

So, my friend Eric and I just had a joint birthday party at my house and it was awesome.  We had all of our old crew and their spouses over to my house and it was a blast.  It’s really cool to see the progression of how far we’ve come and how far others haven’t. 

For example, I have one buddy who was not here last night, but he now lives in Denver, CO and works as a pilot for one of the major airlines.  Not bad considering he’s only been out of college for 3 years.  He makes a pretty decent living and gets to fly all over the world and explore.  I have another buddy who is in Med. School at U of A.  He has a girlfriend/future wife that is in nursing school their as well.  He is going to be an orthodpedic surgeon probably going to be living in Colorado when he’s done with school which should be about 5 years away.  Now he has his ducks lined up.  Then, on the other end of the spectrum, I have another buddy who makes a pretty decent living selling cars for a major auto dealer, he’s married, but he smokes weed and cigarettes every single day, as well as being obliterated every other day of the week.  If he doesn’t pass out on the toilet or throw up, then he didn’t have a great night.  Then I have another buddy who has been taking one class for about 3 semesters now in college trying to pass it but can’t.  That’s not that bad, that could happen to anyone.  Now add on the fact that he has a part time job working at a health and fitness place, lives with his parents in their living room, with his girlfriend.  All of these are my friends who I love dearly, and would sacrifice alot for.  It’s just amazing.  You know that people say your friends have alot to do with how you turn out.  I agree.  But I think this is evidence that no matter who you hang out with, you still ultimately control how you go through life. 

I know it sounds like I’m picking on my friends or making fun of them.  These are my dearest friends.  I love them to death.  In fact, we were just talking about it after the party, our variety of friends and how we’ve all turned out and grown up or not grown up.  Talk about the spice of life.  I had just as much fun, hanging out with two of my friends the next morning after the party, than the actually party. 

We have a group of us that are really close.  We call ourselves the four horsemen.  I think this is very befitting.  If one of us falls behind or struggles, the other three horsemen will literally pick up the fallen one, put them on our shoulders and carry them out of their troubles or issues.  No matter what the cost, we stick by each other.  We were thinking about it today, and we’ll probably vacation together at least once a year for the rest of our lives.  I can easily see all four of us living by each other, my wife working for my buddy the orthopedic surgeon, with his wife also being an RN.  It’s picturesque. PLBD Crew




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