I’m probably going to get some grief for this one

11 04 2008

For what you ask.  I think that equal rights and segregation has come full circle.  I remember a time when all women wanted was to be treated as equals with men.  What happened?  We treated women as equals.  Now what has happened?  Women are segregating themselves from men.  Same thing with African Americans.  I believe totally and completely that African Americans are the exact same as everyone else.  Yet, we have tv shows, radio programs, and scholarships for only African Americans.  Why are we seperating everyone now?

I just don’t get it.  First the women.  I saw a Devry commercial the other day that showed a woman who went to Devry and got her degree and now, they have asked to her come back to the school to teach “women how to succeed”.  Why?  women are equal right?  They can succeed just like men can correct?  I understand that there are still instances where women are paid less for the same work.  There should be someone regulating that.  When you keep focussing on how women aren’t treated the same, so there for you start making seperate programs, conferences and so forth focused on women, you are adding to the problem.  You are seperating women from men.  So here’s the deal.  You can treat women the same as men, and have someone regulating it to make sure they are treated fairly, or you can be seperated.  Choose.  You can’t have it both ways women.  I’m tired of it. You want to be treated equally right?  How about you go work in a warehouse and load and unload thousands of boxes and keep up with the men.  Women get much better tips than guys do, because they have “assets” that guys don’t.  Do we complain?  We do the same work they do and they get better money.  That’s not fair right?

The same goes for African Americans.  Now understand what I’m saying because I know that this could easily be misconstrued.  I think that African Americans have had it bad here in America since they were brought over in slavery.  I think slavery was one of the lowest points in our country’s history.  Now, slavery is done and over with and has been for decades.  Segregation and discrimination is also unacceptable.  I think that we as a country have made great advances to stop these things.  No, I don’t think that they are completely abolished.  I’m not ignorant to the fact that people are treated different.  On the other hand, I do think that African Americans are hurting the progression.  Why do we have BET, Associations, and Scholarships/Grants for African Americans ONLY?  Isn’t that by definition segregation?  Isn’t that discriminating against all other races?  Why?  Are African Americans at a disadvantage?  No.  Look up “African American Association” on google and see what pops up.  I saw “African American RV’ers Association” and “African American Innkeepers Association” and “African American Photographers Association”.  What in the world?  Who’s segregating against who now?  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think that “White” people are persecuted, I just think that it’s come full circle now.  Now do a search for “Caucasian Association”.  I didn’t find one.  Not that there aren’t any, but I highly doubt that there is an Association that helps out “Caucasian Innkeepers”. 

I will probably touch on these again some time, but I really want to hear what you people have to say.




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11 04 2008


Really enjoy your thoughts on this. I sent a letter to the editor of my local paper:

Over at the local military base, children of every color under the sun play together at the day-care center, women are paid the same as men, and the potential of an individual is not limited by the job they applied for. It’s been that way for a long time.

We don’t hear too much about all this good news because it would stunt the political energy that is taken from dividing people into groups and making various appeals to group members rather than treating people as individual citizens.

Alex Hepler


A lively discussion took place on line and it is clear that many did not agree with my views: http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2008/apr/10/the-military-good-news/

Port Hadlock, WA

11 04 2008

There are somethings that I would agree with in this post, but I must say that I do disagree with some of it too. First and foremost, I think it is very important to remember that things may not be as they seem, I would be careful with some of the assumptions until you have walked a day in the shoes of women or African Americans. I will say this about women: have you ever been stared at, whistled at, and downright violated because of your God given “assets”? I know women who are violated every single day and they dress “conservativly” and do not seek the attention. I also know that there is an idea out there of the glass ceiling in corporations. Women seem to have the same chance as men in the job market, but really they don’t. They hit the glass ceiling. And the worst offense of all is women in the church. For far too long we have help women down and delegated them to the roles of “children directors”. Whatever!! (this is a tough subject, but one where I believe the church has failed miserably)
As for Black people: It was not that long ago that Rodney King happened, and that was long after slavery was abolished. Also, they are still feeling the affects of slavery and the oppresion of the past because now they have to fight the generational life cycles. Black people also have a different culture. If you watch some of the stuff on BET you will see that those programs would not make it on major networks (all run by white men). Besides, BET doesn’t bother me at all. Different people groups have different cultural backgrounds, so they are going to be interested in different things, so it is necassary to have channels that are specific to their liking, just like ESPN is just for people who want to see sports. Besides, Christians have their own channels, and they are all very crappy!
As far as scholarships are concerned, there are scholarships for all races. You get scholarships for the craziest things these days, including being left-handed.
Here is the point: in our world today there is still a great deal of racism still alive, there is a great deal of oppresion still alive, there is a great deal of sexism still alive. What are we going to do about it? I have an idea. It all starts with understanding, and the way to do that is to get to know the people. Start having conversations about this stuff, live in their shoes. I mean really, live in their shoes, spend an extended amount of time in a black neighborhood. Talk with them, hear their stories. This is how we learn.
I am reminded of a great idea presented by Shane Claibourne. He said that the greatest tragedy in church today is when we preach about the poor, but we don’t know any poor people. How can we take care of poor people if we don’t konw any?
Sorry for the book, but something struck a cord with me here. I am curious for your response.
We will be known by our love, our undeserved, crazy, silly, senseless love.

11 04 2008
Chris Barton

I understand that I might have come across a little harsh. I’m not saying that Black people or women have it easy. It just erk’s me a little when I keep hearing how “white” people discriminate and segregate when Black people perpetuate it as well. And yes christians do have their own channels as well as women. I’m just saying, if their was a “White Entertainment Television” channel, there would be so many “Associations” protesting it because it’s racist. True? Maybe just change the name so it relates to a certain culture but Let’s say I did find a “Black” neighborhood and walked in and wanted to talk to the people, do you think that I would be discriminated against? I think so. It goes both ways. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry with or at women or Black people. I do try to love everyone equally. I’m just saying that I’ve heard alot of stuff from women and Black people seperating Women and Black people and then we hear about how the rest of the country segregates. Maybe I just don’t see all the “White” politics behind the scenes. I guess I really might not see how it really goes down. I just know in my mind, everyone is equal and everyone has equal opportunities. Maybe that’s where the discrepancies are.

11 04 2008
Josh Barton

Yeah, I understand. Equality is still a fight. I don’t know where all the dicussion of white and black is being discussed, but we live in Gilbert. GILBERT. We don’t know diversity very much. There is a ton that is going on that we don’t know about.

For example, I am at a youth conference right now in the burbs of chicago. At this conference there is 97% white people. Why? There are several reasons.

It is now our job to bridge that gap, but we have to “go”.

12 04 2008

I think that your question is very thoughtful, however, some points that should be made are missed. White, male America is the status quo, and has no need for organizations to gurantee equality. While the opposite is true for people that have suffered oppression. A question that you should ask is; If these associations, organizations, programs, scholarships, etc. didn’t exist would the people that they help have the opportunities to succeed?

I believe that understanding what different people have gone through would be helpful to anyone, and encourage you to follow Josh’s advise and walk in their shoes.

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