Laughing at Laughter

18 03 2008

Laughter has got to be one of the greatest gifts God has given us. I was just watching a video on some of the stupidest people. People are stupid sometimes. We are always jumping off things and doing stupid stunts just for entertainment. I tell you what, I’ve definitely enjoyed our stupidity. I caught myself a few times laughing out loud uncontrollably because of it. I think Laughter has got to be one of the funnest things I do on a regular basis.

Now, I’m known for being the YouTube guy and I’ve always tried to defend myself, but screw it. I love YouTube. Where else can you watch a monkey sniff it’s own butt and pass out to people lighting themselves on fire? What’s not to love?

Danielle was telling me the other day how happy she is that we can be the only two people in the room and still laugh at with other. I think Laughter is the one thing that we’ll always be able to enjoy. Everyone knows the body fades after a while, the feeling of love comes in waves, friends come and go, but Laughter will always be around.

 If you can keep the Laughter going in your relationship, you’ll always enjoy spending time together.  If you can laugh at the situations you get yourself in, there will never be a dull moment.  If you can Laugh, you’re blessed.


When I was a bit younger and in my high school days, I was “the man”.  I was suave with the ladies, outran the jocks, and was smarter than….why are you laughing?  (corny right) As long as you’re laughing, who cares.  Laugh at yourselves, me, and the world.  Laughter makes the world go round, not money.   




One response

18 03 2008
Danielle Barton

This is so true.. I remember having a conversation with a patient one night who had been married for 52 years. I asked her what is the secret to a long, happy marraige and she told me that good looks will fade, hard bodies will get soft, pretty faces will cover with wrinkles but the laughs will only get better as you age. If you are with someone that makes you laugh you will be happy until the day that you die. She even pointed out that as you age you have more things to laugh about (as long as you are willing to have a sense of humor about aging) I have always found it quite hilarious how old people seem to sneak out farts without even noticing it. I hope than when I am old I will notice and will continue to think that it is hilarious. I can just see Chris walking past young kids farting up a storm and the kids freaking out thinking that Chris doesn’t know what’s going on. Maybe old people are aware of more than we think. Maybe they are sitting back laughing at us… Maybe??

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