Life is Good

13 03 2008

Life is Good. I think that people under estimate how good we really have it. I’m not going to get into the whole, “there’s kids in Africa dying” thing which is a whole other level, but if you really look at your life, I’d guess that there is alot of stuff that we take for granted. I would probably estimate 95% of the things we have, we actually take for granted.

Do you have a car? Do you have a home? Do you have a job? Those are the pretty easy ones to recognize. Do you have a family who loves you? I know that I take my family for granted alot. I don’t realized how blessed I am to be able to go to my parents house, grab a quick meal, and head over to my brother’s house to hang out. I’m sure alot of people don’t have that. What about having friends? I have a bunch of friends that love and would care for me if something were to happen to me. What about a church family? Do you have a group of believers to help you in hard times, whether it be finances or marital stress or maybe just depression? Do you have In-laws that you love and get along with? Danielle and I constantly recognize how blessed we are to have in-laws that we Love as if they were our own family.

How blessed we are to have these things, and yet we overlook them on a daily basis. It kind of ties back to the expectations thing I was talking about earlier. If you take away all the expectations of your life, and look at how many blessings you have, you’d be amazed.

Imagine starting out your day, and not expecting your car to start right up, and yet it does. Imagine not expecting your boss to let you work another day, and yet they commend you on a good day’s work. Imagine coming home and not expecting anyone to be there, and instead, your Husband/Wife comes to the door and greets you with a kiss and asks you how your day was. Also, just try to imagine, going to your pantry, and expecting no food to be there, but instead, it’s full of those nasty can’s of green beans and corn, soups and chili’s, chips and Minute Rice. Be thankful, that you have made it this far in life without depression, hunger, lonliness, solitude, or disease taking everything from you.

Appreciate the little things, forget the bad things, and Love everything. Everything is determined by your outlook.

Now let me ask you….How’s Life?




One response

18 03 2008
Danielle Barton

I would venture to say that my life is far better than I even realize. I feel incredibly blessed to have an incredible family that loves me and inlaws that think i’m great and best of all a husband that keeps me smiling and reminds me of how much he loves me… But the truth is that I have always had those things and there have been times that I thought that my life had absolutely no value. It is hard for me to beleive now looking back that I was able to overlook all of the love I had in my life. Thanks babe for being far more than I may ever know to me. I love you!

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