Does Being A Christian Play A Role In Marriage?

5 03 2008

It seems like a pretty dumb question.  Everyone has these pre-concieved notions that because Christians are against divorce, their marriages last.  I think this is more popular in the Christian culture more so than the Non-Christian culture.  Until recently, Christian marriages on average stayed together longer than Non-Christian marriage.  Now, they are about the same.  Why? I’m sure there are plenty of reasons, people are selfish, divorce is more acceptable, and people have started turning to Dr. Phil more often than God.

When Danielle and I were seperated, Danielle told me, “You and I need to be content with our relationship with God, before we can work on our relationship.”  Sounded like a cop-out to me. 

Well Danielle and I have made it through one of our tough times, and now we’re happier now than we’ve ever been.  But, when I was sitting at home, and Danielle was at her parents house, I couldn’t have felt anymore alone than I did at that time.  I felt that I couldn’t talk to anyone, because no one knew my situation.  No one but God, and that’s who I had to turn to.  Which is what God wanted and I needed.  Eventually, I was turning to God with every little care and concern, talking to God 5-10 times a day, and I started to turn around.  I was happy, and started running to get in shape, cleaned up the house and loved coming home.  Which was a huge change, because when this all started, home reminded me of Danielle and all the fun times we used to have.  Danielle and I still talked everyday and still loved each other very much, but I was getting to the point where I wasn’t missing her near as much because I developed a very strong relationship with God.  This is when I realized that Danielle had been right all along.  I needed God in my Marriage more than I needed Danielle in my Marriage.  Once I gave up on fixing my marriage myself, and letting God do his thing, everything turned around.  I believe that this is the design for Marriage.  It needs to be constructed on, and directed by God.

If you were blind folded and walking in a mine field, would you tell the guy with the map of the mine field to shut up when he yelling instructions to you?  This is exactly what we as Christians do when we try to fix our marriage on our own.  God created Marriage (the map to the mine field) and He wants to guide us through to safety.  As we are guided through that mine field, each mine that you pass makes you stronger and gives you joy and love.  Doing Marriage God’s way is the only way to “True” happiness. 

Marriage isn’t something you do.  It’s a commitment you’ve made or will make, to show God’s infinite love to your Husband/Wife.  Show God’s love to everyone, and God will give you His abundant Love. The Bible - God's Book of Love




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